BAP Members

The following are active members of the Business Advisory Professionals network.

Brett Butler & John Velasquez – CTO & CIO services & Cloud Software

Executive Approach – Providing professional custom software development, integration and IT services. – A cloud CRM, Project Management, and business operations software suite.  Ask for friendly demo.

30 years of custom software & global IT experience with startups, mid-sized and large enterprise global companies.  Services include:

  • Executive Strategy – We partner with companies in all industries to develop Executive Approach strategies that deliver both quick-wins and long-term results.
  • Software Development – We build your ideas into custom software solutions. Let us bring your scalable business needs to life. Cloud, PC, Web, Tablet, Phone / Mobile and more.
  • Enterprise Architecture – Get your rapid Capability Maturity Model CMM report, roadmap & financial business case for Enterprise Architecture investment.
  • IT Services – Our on-demand IT service can meet your global needs. Hosting, Cloud Management, Service Desk, Security, Asset Management, Monitoring and more.
  • Virtual CTO / CIO Services for startups, mid-size and large enterprise companies with new initiative launch and transitional needs.
  • Business Operations – Use an Executive Approach to establish, restructure, and outsource aspects of business operations to lower your business costs & increase your profits.
  • Apps include: CRM, Website, Wiki, Desktop, Todo’s, Chat (text, voice, video, screen share), Agile Project Management, Actions (automate tedious tasks), Forms, Phlex (our web language to integrate anything), Sales Referrals, and more…
Wayne Hegwood

Wayne Hegwood – CFO services


Wayne is tested, proven and technologically proficient financial executives with extensive experience in operational leadership, financial analysis, project management, and mergers & acquisitions. Proven success in leading multiple levels of support staff through development and implementation of initiatives and key performance indicators that meet company objectives. Adept in implementing technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiencies throughout any company.

John Russell

John Russell – Business Strategy services


  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Identifying areas of growth and opportunity
  • Scaling to succession via Business Planning Days



  • Client and employee retention
  • Focus groups and comprehensive surveys
  • Competitive analysis
  • Incorporation of business and marketing strategy

John began his first successful business as a high school senior in Honolulu Hawaii which within two years had grown it to include eighteen employees and several company vehicles. In his third year in college, he successfully launched another string of profitable businesses, which included an awarded landscape design firm, a talk radio show and a business development consultancy.  Since that time he has remained civically active in the community as a member of multiple boards, president of business groups and elected office. Additionally, has remained committed to donating time to encourage future entrepreneurs through various mentorship programs.  In 1995, he established a management consulting practice in Walnut Creek California, which became the Russell Consulting Group. Branding and marketing strategies quickly became a relevant component to the R.C.G.

Clients have represented a wide spectrum of sectors, from qualified start-ups to Fortune 500s companies. The majority who have been/or are currently located in Austin Texas, The San Francisco Bay area and Central Europe.  Mr. Russell continues to enjoy a vast understanding of the key components necessary to bring solid growth and profitability, can evaluate current advertising and marketing campaigns/objectives/results and recommend a revised approach designed to meet current economic realities.

Adam Flagg – Private Wealth Management services

Echelon FG

As an independent financial consultant with over 10 years of experience, I help businesses and individuals achieve their goals, as well as create simplicity in their life by providing many solutions under one roof.  At Echelon Financial Group, we want to help, and we promise not to bore you! Created to support individuals and businesses, we empower clients to identify their priorities and make educated financial decisions. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to money.  First, we clarify your current situation, values and goals. Then, we provide strong, strategic advice and help you stay the course. Your business will thrive with sound methods to facilitate growth. Your personal finances will no longer cause a sense of uneasiness and instead, will bring you satisfaction.

With today’s fast-moving markets, we offer sustainable performance through disciplined research and superior execution. We assist you in a variety of ways and don’t mind explaining how it all works. Through it all, we challenge you to think outside-the-box.  Whether you are a long-time client or someone just browsing our site, we hope that you hold us to these standards.

Zach Ellis

Zach Ellis – Real estate services and investment management

Colliers International

Colliers is a leading global real estate services and investment management company. With operations in 68 countries, our 14,000 enterprising people work collaboratively to provide expert advice and services to maximize the value of property for real estate occupiers, owners and investors.

For more than 20 years, our experienced leadership team, owning approximately 40% of our equity, have delivered industry-leading investment returns for shareholders. In 2018, corporate revenues were $2.8 billion ($3.3 billion including affiliates), with more than $26 billion of assets under management.

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards – Bookkeeping, Probate Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting Services

At Precision Bookkeeping, we help our clients succeed by offering customized financial record keeping.  We carefully study our client’s business goals and needs so we can design a customizable solution.  It allows us to adapt our approach to assist in operational efficiencies and creating financial reporting to aid our clients in their business decisions. 

In our way of thinking, accurate record keeping is essential, but it is only part of the equation.  Using this information in the well-organized manner is crucial to our client’s long-term growth and success. 

Lance Spracklen – Business Cost Optimization Services

Mr. Spracklen has over 18 years of Business Optimization experience as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB).  He has helped his clients save over $8M annually through a comprehensive, standardized approach to cost reductions. After spending years building Continuous Improvement Programs for Fortune 500 companies, he found a greater need to help small businesses optimize systems and reduce expenses through Schooley Mitchell.

Since 1980, Schooley Mitchell has built the largest network of independent cost reduction consultants in North America, helping over 20,000 businesses save an average of 28% on their telecom, merchant services, waste disposal, and shipping expenses. Schooley Mitchell can provide area businesses with an independent, objective analysis of their expenses at no cost to them. Their fees are self-funded by the savings they find. Additional fee-based managed services include:

  • Technology Reviews – help you select the hardware that best suits your organization, increasing your efficiency and profitability.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning –  detailed impact analysis identifies critical elements, set & meet zero downtime targets, & establish step-by-step recovery & continuity plans.
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessments – conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to determine what protective measures and expenditures are required to mitigate hazards.
  • Shipping Logistics – deliver cost optimized solutions for LTL Freight, Small Package, Parcel, Courier shipments.
  • RFP Drafting – from project implementation to vendor negotiation and selection.

Thom Singer – Professional Event Speaker

Leaders know that Potential Does NOT Equal Performance.  Thom Singer is obsessed with getting people to take actions that lead to success. He has interviewed hundreds of people at all levels of career achievement. Individuals and teams cannot cross the gap between potential and results without plans, passion, purpose and people.  Thom Singer brings over 25 years of sales, marketing, and leadership to your next meeting. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. In his keynote, Thom teaches how to identify road-blocks and map a path to more effective performance.  Bring Thom Singer to your next meeting and create a dialogue and inspire actions:

  • Leaders who need to understand what is holding people back hire Thom to speak
  • Managers seeking team efforts that increase sales hire Thom to speak
  • CEOs interested in ongoing conversations about engagement and business relationships hire Thom to speak.

Tom Donovan – CPA’s and business advisors – Briggs & Veselka Services

Services include:

  • Audit & Attestation,
  • Advisory, Forensic,
  • Valuation & Litigation Support
  • Tax Planning & Compliance.
jeff stec carol stec

Jeff & Carol Stec – Marketing Services

Tylerica Marketing Systems

Jeff is a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and is blessed to be able to work with small business owners to help accelerate their growth and profitability.  Jeff and his wife Carol work with small business owners and managers to help them gain clarity around their overall marketing strategy (Ideal Clients, Unique Value Proposition, Core Values) and then develop a customized marketing system that uses the right combination of tactics to market to prospective Ideal Clients in a way that gets them to take action.  Jeff & Carol have 25+ years of combined small-business experience outside of their marketing agency, Tylerica Marketing Systems.  Services Include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • “Total Online Presence” Audits
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound & Content Marketing
  • WordPress Website Design
  • WordPress Website Care
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Referral Systems
Steve Smith

Steve Smith – Human Capital Management

G&A Partners

Steve has successfully helped small to medium size businesses with their Human Capital Management for over 20 years. He understands the challenges and expenses that come from having employees.

G&A Partners is a Texas based, national, privately owned Certified Professional Employer Organization that helps employers lower their labor costs and liabilities while relieving them of the burdens associated with employee administration.

In addition to using their buying power to save clients money on things like group health insurance and workers’ compensation, they provide expert guidance, technology and countless resources to help companies operate more efficiently in the areas of Payroll Processing, HR Administration, Employee Benefits & Benefits Administration,  Risk & Safety.

From hire to retire, G&A Partners offers services customized specifically to their clients’ goals for the entire employee life cycle. Hiring and retaining good employees is a challenge many businesses face. Partnering with Steve and G&A Partners enables companies to provide great benefits to their employees, save money, operate more efficiently, and have peace of mind.