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Many times businesses (new ones in particular) fail to understand how branding an intricate part of their marketing campaign. In strip malls across the country, businesses come and go. An entrepreneur launches a business, puts up a sign and even tacks up a “grand opening banner” which indefinitely hangs above the location.

Unfortunately, many seem to think that this alone will do the trick, only to die a slow and unnecessary death because they could not attract enough customers.

The same thing is repeated in internet campaigns. Potential customers are blasted with loads of information but not enough true branding which clearly defines the purpose or reasonfor the viewer not to click the delete button. To them, it is nothing different, just annoying chatter.

So what’s in it for the customer?

  • If they do notice the grand opening sign they may ask to themselves, so what? 

       What makes them curious enough to want to check your place out?

  • And If they do walk in or check your website – What is the compelling reason for them to get out of their comfort zones and try you out with a purchase?

Consider the last location or website you, as a consumer recently visited:

  • Were you aware of them before?
  • Did your experience successfully anchor you as a return customer?
  • Would recommend them to your friends, family or business associates?

Remember, every place or business has a brand.

Even as a non-brand, it is a brand unto itself.

Good branding creates an image for a possibility outcome = consumer curiosity = intention and visitation = initial impression = decision to purchase = experience = retention and refer or decline to return with possible negative consequences.

Moreover, once your prospect is engaged in checking out your business, you have an opportunity to live the brand and image you have created. If you are successful, then your customer retention rate increases. If not, then they stay the same or decrease.

Bottom line:

Brand yourself from the start – along with good signage and web presence that effectively creates the perception of who you are. Implement a professional marketing strategy to clearly demonstrate – why you are different

Then prove it!

John Russell is Principal of The Russell Consulting Group. Since 1995 his firm has advised small – to Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe. He can be reached by calling 512-217-3205 or through

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