Advertising and Customers = the need for a long-term strategy

  • What good is a business without advertising?
  • What good is advertising without returning customers?
  • And what good is success without a long term strategy?

Effective advertising needs to reach your intended market – with consideration for the ideal ingredients to make this happen.

Picture a giant pot with marketing ingredients being mixed together.

The main ingredient is the brand (product, service and what it tells us about its value to the consumer.)

Then the other ingredients to spice things up: video, copy, tech, apps, outdoor media, production, etc.) are added.

Maintaining and growing customer share is a result of perceived value, great service from an engaged team who are there to serve. And that is the icing on the cake.

Sometimes it may be helpful to conduct a Competitive Analysis, Customer survey, Mystery Shopping or an appraisal that gages your employee motivation toward representing brand participation.

Because continued success comes when you offer great products and services and as a result, the customer falls in love with you, keeps returning and tells others about you!

Now – you have built a solid model for growth – and continued success. Be sure that you also have a long-term strategy to take your initial success to the next level.

John Russell is Principal of The Russell Consulting Group. Since 1995 his firm has advised small – to Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe. He can be reached by calling 512-217-3205 or through

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